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01/28/2015 19:00 to 01/28/2015 21:30

The Benn Partnership Centre

Information on the Benn Partnership

BPC’s main objective is to assist our local residents in need, hardship or distress (in particular the young, the elderly and the disabled) with the provision of education, advice, training and support and to provide a community facility for recreation or leisure time occupation, with the sole purpose of improving the conditions of life for our local residents.The Benn Partnership Centre is located in close proximity to Rugby railway station and the town centre.

The Centre offers:

Room hire

Beyond Recession Work Club

Access to educational courses

Free UK Online training modules


Call or email for more information.

Tel:01788 553033


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The Benn Partnership Centre
Railway Terrace
    Rugby CV21 3HR
07779 485297


From 01/28/2015 19:00
To 01/28/2015 21:30


07779 485297

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